A Report On ARRL Field Day 2022

A Report On ARRL Field Day 2022

Field Day was another success:

This year, again, we were at the Old Time Farm Day facility. We enjoyed use of the excellent public facility, with plenty of room to set up our antennas, a large pavilion & kitchen that accommodated our two operating stations and extra seating for meals and conversation. This year (due to the heat) we setup the stations in the air conditioned kitchen where we could prepare food and enjoy a cool spot to operate.

Because of the large open area around the pavilion, we were able to space the two antennas in a way to minimize interference between our voice and digital stations. Jerry (WA4MO) brought his new antenna trailer which made setup of a second antenna considerably easier than using the push up mast. Setup went smoothly on Saturday morning allowing plenty of time to socialize and welcome visitors. There were nine club members and six visitors over the two days. We had Ray Von Cor from the Greenville Standard who conducted interviews and took pictures. We were also visited by Jessie McWilliams, Butler County Commissioner. We also want to thank Nancy (AK4NF), Marie (KN4QGI), Mary Edgar and Mary Lou Crenshaw for all the food they provided.

Speaking of food – For lunch & diner, we had baked beans with Conecuh sausage, Boston butt with fixings and potato chips. For breakfast we had a breakfast quiche. For dessert, we had Little Debbie pies, two types of pound cake, M&Ms and more. Everyone brought their own drinks plus we had fresh coffee brewed for overnight operators and breakfast. As you see, we did not go hungry. Having the large air conditioned kitchen and a working refrigerator was a blessing to keep the food and us chilled.

We operated the two stations from 1:00 PM Saturday until about 7:00 AM Sunday with a number of breaks in the action. We stopped early because of the impending heat and several of the members had other obligations. Most everyone left by 9:00 PM on Saturday except for Nancy, Doug (AJ4ZN) and myself. We three continued to operate and take naps throughout the night. The Digital Station made 250 contacts and the Voice Station made 45 contacts. Folks began to show up again in the morning and helped take down and put away the equipment and the food. You can find the formal ARRL submittal along with links to photos, statistics, map, etc. on the website at https://www.k4tns.com/arrl-field-day-2022/.

We may be a small club but we can put on excellent activity. We have good reason to be proud of what we accomplished. So, for those of you that could not make it out this year, you missed a good one and you should be planning to make the next one.

73, George

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